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With all its (historic) cities and places dating back to even Roman times, youRegion features some spectacular museums. Most spectacularly, it is easy to visit all of them with combitickets and special discounts. For 25 euros, you can get the “Auf ins Museum!” combination ticket, which gives you admission to 26 museums in the Euregio […] » more


Exploration Getting around Intercultural learning Living
The parts of the Eurgio Meuse-Rhine are united by good food and beverages, and famous for their chocolates, printed ginger breads and exquisite beers, all summarised in the Euregio “GastroGuide“. But also for everyday life, the close proximity of different cuisines enriches a tasteful life. The supermarkets in Belgium and the Netherlands enrich the kitchens […] » more

Free advice

Cultural differences Intercultural learning Living Working
The cross-border information points “GrenzInfoPunkte” provide information for living and working in two or three countries simultaneously. In Aachen, participate in (online) events of Newcomer Service (German only). With dual career services, find help for self-help to boost your and your partner´s career, e.g. for post-docs and researchers at RWTH University. The Expat Centres Maastricht […] » more

Language learning

comfort zone communication grammar Intercultural learning language learning language studying language support vocabulary
Welkom, Bienvenue and Willkommen – great plaisire to heb you here! If you are not yet fluent in your new home’s language – no need to worry, go on and language will come your way. English is widely spoken among younger people (Germany and Belgium) or among just about everyone (Netherlands). Yet also a mishmash […] » more

Euregional onboarding

Cultural differences Intercultural learning Onboarding
Living and working abroad is a wonderful experience. Still, you might feel lonely, homesick, or a little frustrated at times. You might learn about expectations you did not even know you had and face challenges you did not even know existed. In addition to the roadmap for arriving and settling in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine, these […] » more

Intercultural learning

cross-border commuter expectation management Intercultural learning Onboarding
Expectations you didn’t know you even had, culture shocks and the honeymoon of living and working somewhere new – we collected information to help you navigate your life and work across borders. If you are “native” to the Belgian, German or Dutch part of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine, find some hints on how to find your […] » more

Higher education

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With five very distinct universities and numerous colleges – the Euregio Meuse-Rhine is among the most diverse and multi-lingual educational locations for international students and researchers. Read our summary of the university profiles below. Courses taught in English English is gaining momentum in each part of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine and you find a multitude of […] » more

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