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What to do and where to do

Living in the Euregio, the diversity among national borders spices up your everyday life. In leisure & free time, it brings the feeling of holiday close to home, a “vacation in the heart of europe“. Language learning can further spicen your life in this border-region, and good information on public transport & mobility is essential. Also, find an overview of (euregional-)schools, bilingual and international opportunities even in small rural areas. The section on special needs if you have a handicap or a curiousity about joining a  team for e.g. wheelchair basketball, somewhere in the Euregio.

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“Everything is very close, you can get from one place to the other easily. You can go to Germany or Belgium quickly, and this is something I really appreciate and do very often, living in between three countries.”
Karla, from Germany
Living in Maastricht
"I can take my bike in Aachen and head towards the drielandenpunt, where Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. From the top of this hill, I can decide if I want to order my nearby Fries in Dutch, German or French"
John from the US
Living in Stolberg

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