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As a spectator or as an athlete: Find the highlights and the most popular sports and best overviews on joining a club. Also, find sports in our dedicated section on euregional groups &  initiatives.and sports with a handicap.

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"König Fußball"

For sports, football is the number one priority in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. Every weekend, the three national professional leagues fascinate millions of spectators, in stadiums and via live broadcasts. Find a listing of the most successful teams from the Euregio Meuse-Rhine below the map.

Selected football-teams in the Euregio

The German part of the Euregio currently does not feature top-clubs. But note that Bundesliga matches are only about one hour drive away from Aachen, to Cologne, Leverkusen, Mönchengladbach (Dortmund, Schalke, Düsseldorf).

Racing Liège - Bastogne - Liège on two wheels

The Euregio features the oldest professional bicycle race from Liège-Bastogne-Liège. The Euregio is also starting point of the “Amstel Gold Race” where Dutch mountains challenge even professional cyclists. Even the famous “Tour de France” has ignored its name to started several stages in the Euregio.

Especially Flemish and Wallonians are united in a deep passion for these kind of races, while especially the Dutch enjoy the everyday comfort of their amazing bicycle city-paths – and the unique chance for actual “mountain biking” in beautiful Heuvelland. We have already addressed this topic under Leisure & Free time and mentioned a few route tips.


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Hockey & Ice Hockey

Special highlights are always the meetings of the national hockey teams of Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands. The teams are almost permanently among the TOP 10 in the world rankings.

In 2006, they competed among themselves, just a few kilometres outside of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine, in Germany’s most beautiful “Hockeypark”-Stadium Mönchengladbach,

The ruffer sister sport Ice Hockey is popular, too. BeNe League – the joint league of the Netherlands and Belgium features euregional clubs from Bulldogs de Liège (BE) and Limburg Eaters from Geleen (NL).


Top-teams from the Euregio Meuse-Rhine dominate the BeNe League for handball – out of 12 teams in total, 5 are from Dutch or Belgian Limburg, and one more from Visè right in between Maastricht and Liège.

  • Pelt (BE)
  • Bocholt (BE)
  • Hasselt (BE)
  • Tongeren (BE)
  • Sittard-Geleen (NL)
  • Visé (BE)



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Yet another BeNe-League (video) with teams from both Belgium and the Netherlands competing. Good news for German supporters: Driving to BAL Weert (NL), Limburg United (Hasselt, BE) or Liège Basket (BE) is much quicker than Telekom Basket Bonn, the only nearby alternative for first-class basketball in Germany.


Aachen’s Ladies in Black and Düren’s Power Volleys are equally dominating the German women’s league and cups for volleyball.

Equestrian sport

Another sport with a deep tradition in the EMR countries is equestrian sport. Every year, the equestrian elite comes together in Aachen. For decades, riders from all three nations are among the fiercest competitors at no less than the World Equestrian Festival CHIO.


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First class football and passionate supporters

Every Saturday football competitions attract a lot of visitors and can be major events for the local community. The Euregio Meuse-Rhine counts not less than five teams that are first class in their country, and even more in national championships.

You have the unseen luxury to choose several teams as your favourite. Across borders, proximity usually does not result in enmity, but in cross-border fan-friendships. For example, being a Roda Kerkrade (NL) fan means you’re not a supporter for the neighbouring Dutch teams, but implies you support the neighbours in Alemannia Aachen (DE).

Top-clubs in the Euregio

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Active or passion

Even during Corona, many sports clubs remain somewhat functional and open to new members. As an alternative, you can choose to become an active fan of one of the euregional clubs. Uniquely, you can have several favourite clubs in close proximity yet different national leagues.

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