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The parts of the Eurgio Meuse-Rhine are united by good food and beverages, and famous for their chocolates, printed ginger breads and exquisite beers, all summarised in the Euregio “GastroGuide“.

But also for everyday life, the close proximity of different cuisines enriches a tasteful life. The supermarkets in Belgium and the Netherlands enrich the kitchens in Aachen – and can be life-saving for Newcomers that where not aware of them being closed on a German, non-shopping sunday.

Once a year the GastroGuide Euregio is published in the Region Aachen. It contains a comprehensive overview of gastronomy landscape in the border area, from restaurants to small snack bars. It also includes the latest news and personal background stories of the Euregional restaurateurs.

Culinaric melting pot

The Euregio Meuse-Rhine combines the best of three countries – also in terms of food and drink. We have put together a small selection of regional and national specialities that are loved on all sides of the borders. Go and discover:

  • Liège Waffles that some would call “Belgian Waffles”
  • Rhenish Sauerbraten
  • Dutch Kruidnoten
  • Chocolate-flavoured air on Lousberg (Aachen) and around Jacques factory in nearby Eupen
Aachener Printen
This gingerbread pastry is an integral part of Aachen's food culture. Even today, you can find entire shops in the old town offering Printen in all their varieties.
In the whole of the Netherlands, the little pancakes are considered a sweet delicacy. Whether plain, with icing sugar, with butter - simply delicious!
Belgian Waffles
In the competition of sweet baked goods, the Belgians can absolutely keep up with their waffles. The fluffy rectangles are a must on a trip through Liège!
Friets / Frites
In Belgium as well as in the Netherlands, the friets / frites have cult status. But who makes the better ones? The answer to this question is something everyone has to find for themselves.
Rice cake
In a Belgian café, the rice cake is, of course, a must. Word has even spread across the border, so that the people of Aachen have their own version of the dessert. Can it keep up with the original?
When it comes to chocolate, absolute giants meet in the Euregio. On the one hand, there is the global player from Aachen, Lindt, and on the other, the world-famous Belgian chocolate. In the end, the inhabitants of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine benefit!
Belgian beer
Belgian beer has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2016. There are probably more Belgian beers than there are mussels on the country's own coast - there's something for everyone here!
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Recipes for making the classic Aachen Printen or Liège waffles yourself are summarised in the German recipe database Dreiländerschmeck.

Good food is a shared heritage across your euregion, but its five parts are also distinctive with own specialities that mostly feature the places name, like Aachener Printen, Gulpener and Jupiller Beer, Liège Wafles – and Belgian`s and the Netherlands` most famous spa waters – from the Wallonian town of Spa.

To get more inspiration on how to spend your working or the end of that very working day, find a video documentary on the sweet escape in your culinaric euregion (German only):


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(Eu-)regional specialities wherever you look:

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Sweet euregional cluster

In the Euregio Meuse-Rhine, different influences form a unique environment for sweet teeth. The clusters in the confectiory industries especially around Aachen and Eupen do also offer interesting job opportunities, with Zentis (jams), Lindt, Jacques (chocolate), Bahlsen and Lambertz (cookies, Printen) being only some of various famous brands and production sites.

„Little rivers“ / Kleine Bachläufe by – Elisenbrunnen in Aachen
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