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Finances & accounts

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Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands share the same currency – the euro, no matter if you find your coins covered with the Belgian or Dutch King or the German eagle. Euregional commonalities Throughout the Euregio Meuse-Rhine basic EU rules on finances apply and you do not have to worry about currency exchange rates. Note that […] » more

Studying across borders

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Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands have different traditions and approaches to studying. Especially in Germany, the variety of possible options and the necessity to select courses within your chosen subject can provide newcomers with some initial challenges. RWTH Aachen provides an in-depth video in German and a survival guide for international students to help wade through the […] » more

Social security

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Throughout the countries of the Euregion Meuse-Rhine, you become part of a (national) system for social and health insurance. You receive your own insurance number and benefit of a caring social system or a fixed percentage of your employment income. The European Union (“”)gives an overview of what generally applies throughout its boundaries. Social Security, […] » more

Financing your studies

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Various (national) sources are available to finance tertiary education. Below, an overview for each country/language community – and look for the extra opportunities from private, corporate, or municipal funders. Never enough inspiration on financial matters, so we wanted to expose the resources from all countries below. Learn about the details for student jobs & health […] » more

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