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Financing your studies

Various (national) sources are available to finance tertiary education. Below, an overview for each country/language community – and look for the extra opportunities from private, corporate, or municipal funders.

Never enough inspiration on financial matters, so we wanted to expose the resources from all countries below. Learn about the details for student jobs & health insurances in Belgium (contact form for personal appointment), Germany and the Netherlands.


  • For the French-speaking Community (including Brussels), find information by
  • enlists scholarships for the Flemish-speaking community (including Brussels).
  • enlists the opportunities for support from and within the German-speaking Community of Belgium.


  • Studying-in provides a great overview on expenses and possible incomes. Note, that studying is for free (except for a small feed granting access to all transport in North Rhine-Westphalia and even Maastricht). 
  • Bafög funding is the favourite for natives (half grant, half credit). Note that you need one (of two) German place of residence for eligibility.
  • For refugees, some specific programmes and are in place, such as “NRWege” (German only)
  • Overview on and support with scholarships among others by Katholische Hochschulgemeinde, also for believers and non-believers of other religions 
  • DAAD grants a lot of scholarships itself and provides a DAAD database. An example is the public signpost of
  • Go to the overview by GrenzInfoPunkt (DE/NL/FR)


  • Duo provides support for studying. Note that as an international student, working more than a certain amount of hours can grant access to benefits and additions such as a free OV-ticket.
  • German students might be eligible for (Auslands-)Bafög.
  • Universities have an annual cost of about 2,000€.
  • Go to the overview by GrenzInfoPunkt (DE/NL/FR)
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Scholarships in three countries

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