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Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands are among the world’s favourite destinations for tertiary education. Germany hosts between 5%-10% of the world’s international students, and ranks forth among the most popular destination in absolute numbers. For Germans in reverse, the Netherlands is the most popular destination for tertiary study outside of Germany. It is evident that there is a true exchange of talents across borders.

Current and former students know best

The universities in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine are among the best in the world, so far theory goes. You want to learn more about the study opportunities from the inside or even a cross-border perspective from fellow country mates? Head to the following overviews and link with insides on university, city, and country. 

Student experiences in Aachen

Student experiences in Maastricht
  • As a true student city or “studentenstad” (Dutch only), Maastricht features several bloggers willing to share their experiences.
  • Find one of dozens of student profiles for a chat-buddy from Zuyd Hogeschool, kindly offering you chats in English, Dutch, German, French, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, etc.
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