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Multilingual media

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Find an overview on multilingual and English-speaking media offers in the Euregio. We also included an overview on the most important local media in German, Dutch, and French. Head to our section on multilingual media for children for media suggestions for the little ones. Bi-national news and information Euregional news Bi-national news and information Arte is a […] » more


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Top technology in studying The Euregio Meuse-Rhine is host to RWTH Germany’s largest technical university, one of Belgium’s most entrepreneurial knowledge campuses Corda Campus, and the Netherlands’ youngest and most international tertiary institution, Maastricht University – all within the reach of (sometimes free for students) cross-border public transport. Studying in itself is an adventure – studying abroad even more so. The […] » more


culture of welcome English-speaking institution Onboarding
Euregional culture of welcome YouRegion offers the starting point for finding interconnected services that help workers navigate the region irrespective of national differences. With tailor-made and multilingual information, services and events, youRegion wants to serve as your signpost and gateway for living and working the euregional way. Services across national borders your Guide youRegion at […] » more

Euregional onboarding

Cultural differences Intercultural learning Onboarding
Living and working abroad is a wonderful experience. Still, you might feel lonely, homesick, or a little frustrated at times. You might learn about expectations you did not even know you had and face challenges you did not even know existed. In addition to the roadmap for arriving and settling in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine, these […] » more

Intercultural learning

cross-border commuter expectation management Intercultural learning Onboarding
Expectations you didn’t know you even had, culture shocks and the honeymoon of living and working somewhere new – we collected information to help you navigate your life and work across borders. If you are “native” to the Belgian, German or Dutch part of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine, find some hints on how to find your […] » more


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The right match In less than one hour, within the cities and places of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine, one can access about two million job opportunities. This area is home to many renowned research institutes, multi-nationals and multi-linguals. A multilingual and multinational workforce is one of the factors that attracts employers to the Euregio Meuse-Rhine. They […] » more


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Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands are among the world’s favourite destinations for tertiary education. Germany hosts between 5%-10% of the world’s international students, and ranks forth among the most popular destination in absolute numbers. For Germans in reverse, the Netherlands is the most popular destination for tertiary study outside of Germany. It is evident that […] » more

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