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Giving is the best way of getting – and there is a large diversity to engage in your neighbourhood, with your favourite sport, for other people. In your Euregio, you can find more specific activities across the border – or similar activities, spiced with another country and language. 

Possibly, you can even consider to take part in European programs – to become a volunteer just across the border.

Volunteering across Europe

For people aged 18-30 years, an “EVS” is the best chance for an extensive stay abroad. The  European Voluntary Service (EVS) / European Solidarity Corps Interreg Youth  offer stays from 2 – 12 months in a country of the European Union and beyond.

In many cases, English is the sole language requirement. You will need a host organisation and a sending organisation from your country of residence. The compensation covers your travel and living expenses such as your insurance. Also find our section on internships, across Europe, and across the Euregio Meuse-Rhine.

A much more small-scale program with a specific cross-border focus is Interreg youth for volunteering across countries and especially euregios.

Volunteering, terms, conditions, databases:

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