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You are welcome in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine– and you can help welcome others. Although our cities and places might seem small and partly rural, you will not have trouble finding many internationals close by who are eager to connect. Regular meetings are organised across the youRegion network and specifically for that purpose. Newcomers can quickly make contact with locals and feel at home. Examples for this are initiatives like and our sections on sport clubs and student initiatives.

Across personal borders

There is a variety of different formats of groups and initiatives to
be found across the Euregio Meuse-Rhine and even some truly euregional, multilingual initiatives.
Not everyone makes friends the same way, and this might be quite
different from what you are used to. In Germany, people like to gather
at Stammtische and Vereine, in other parts of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine,
people click differently, whether organised or spontaneously. Of course,
do not forget about Carnaval/Karneval in February, where “networking”
takes on a whole new meaning.

Euregional and youregional community

The beauty of your new region is, that some newcomers, buddies or people being buddied come just from across the border, see for example offers for Dutch or Flemish students in Aachen but there is so much more.

Even if you live here for a few years from now: You are very welcome to join the community of internationals in this region. The youRegion services organise events every few weeks, during Corona they mostly take place digitally. Best to join our facebook and linkedin channels to stay updated. 

Click to find a buddy / network in your region:

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