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In the Netherlands, most bureaucratic issues can be dealt with in English. In Belgium and Germany, you will find many people in personal contact English-speaking, but documents are not automatically translated. The partners of youRegion are ready to help with their personal expertise – and websites, not least with the one you are already on. […] » more


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Giving is the best way of getting – and there is a large diversity to engage in your neighbourhood, with your favourite sport, for other people. In your Euregio, you can find more specific activities across the border – or similar activities, spiced with another country and language. Possibly, you can even consider to take […] » more


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Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands are among the world’s favourite destinations for tertiary education. Germany hosts between 5%-10% of the world’s international students, and ranks forth among the most popular destination in absolute numbers. For Germans in reverse, the Netherlands is the most popular destination for tertiary study outside of Germany. It is evident that […] » more


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your signpost about the program partners Previous Next BORDERS&CORONA Living and working across borders You live, work, or study around Aachen, Maastricht, Hasselt, Eupen, or Liège? This website connects information and services across the borders of Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands. Bienvenue, Willkommen, Welkom! See more in our video. Information & services Forty cross-border topics […] » more

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