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Services in English

In the Netherlands, most bureaucratic issues can be dealt with in English. In Belgium and Germany, you will find many people in personal contact English-speaking, but documents are not automatically translated. The partners of youRegion are ready to help with their personal expertise – and websites, not least with the one you are already on.

For specific contact info, click below or find our section on making a free appointment among the youRegion partners.

Some English-speaking contact points:

Nordrhein Westfalen Deutschsprachige Gemeinschaft Provinz Lüttich Provinz Limburg (BE) Provinz Limburg (NL) DE BE NL

As the euregion is a mozaique of different bits and pieces, English plays an (increasingly) large role. With this website, we try to give you the best possible overview on English-support. Of course, also all the services and community in our culture of welcome can support you in English – and sometimes even in your mother tongue.

In total, we are able to multilingually support you in English, Dutch, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Polish – and Limburgish. As a rule of the thumb, you will most easily find English-speaking public support in the Netherlands. But also Belgian and German governmental institutions are often fluent in this language. Do not be afraid to ask even if they might just not possess a multilingual web-offer.

Whenever the (sometimes incomplete) infrastructure in English overwhelmes you, take a break and consult our section on language learning.

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