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As an EU-citizen, you are eligible for “free movement” and “equal treatment“. Still, finding an internship across borders is more of a challenge, but also more of an opportunity and adventure.   European Voluntary Service From two months upto one year – thousands of opportunities in multiple languages, with full imbursement Support within the Euregio […] » more

youRegion 中文

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欢迎来到你的 “Euregio(n)” 我们,比利时、德国和荷兰的新移民机构网络欢迎您来到我们所说的 “Euregio Meuse-Rhine”。通过这个网站,我们收集了各种信息,以方便您在新的地区生活和工作。在这个所谓的 “尤里吉欧”,您只需几分钟就可以到达三个国家的五个不同地区。我们希望这个概述能帮助您解决各种问题,并在本页的四种主要语言中发现新的机会。 以下是一些您可能感兴趣的附加信息。 在这一地区的不同城市,您可以看到约 2000 名在亚琛工业大学学习的中国学生和德国之声的中文新闻 “Deutsche Welle“,如果您需要一些本地支持,您可以找到国家代表,以及马斯特里赫特大学(荷兰)中国团队、”Brightland Research Campusses“中国商务中心(荷兰)和位于哈瑟尔特市的 “POM Limburg’s“(比利时)中国办事处的双边合作。 关于公共交通的更多信息,以下是中文摘要 : 比利时跨境公共交通信息 竭诚欢迎 :   Nordrhein Westfalen Deutschsprachige Gemeinschaft Provinz Lüttich Provinz Limburg (BE) Provinz Limburg (NL) DE BE NL » more

Multilingual media

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Find an overview on multilingual and English-speaking media offers in the Euregio. We also included an overview on the most important local media in German, Dutch, and French. Head to our section on multilingual media for children for media suggestions for the little ones. Bi-national news and information Euregional news Bi-national news and information Arte is a […] » more


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With all its (historic) cities and places dating back to even Roman times, youRegion features some spectacular museums. Most spectacularly, it is easy to visit all of them with combitickets and special discounts. For 25 euros, you can get the “Auf ins Museum!” combination ticket, which gives you admission to 26 museums in the Euregio […] » more

Free advice

Cultural differences Intercultural learning Living Working
The cross-border information points “GrenzInfoPunkte” provide information for living and working in two or three countries simultaneously. In Aachen, participate in (online) events of Newcomer Service (German only). With dual career services, find help for self-help to boost your and your partner´s career, e.g. for post-docs and researchers at RWTH University. The Expat Centres Maastricht […] » more


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Top technology in studying The Euregio Meuse-Rhine is host to RWTH Germany’s largest technical university, one of Belgium’s most entrepreneurial knowledge campuses Corda Campus, and the Netherlands’ youngest and most international tertiary institution, Maastricht University – all within the reach of (sometimes free for students) cross-border public transport. Studying in itself is an adventure – studying abroad even more so. The […] » more

Working across borders

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Many people like this region for its natural beauty and its relaxed lifestyle in medium-sized cities. “Provincial” in this sense, the Euregio Meuse-Rhine simultaneously features one of the largest diversities in Europe to pursue an international lifestyle and career within 30 minutes. On a comparative map of the main European hubs, you will find the […] » more

School & Education

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In very few places in the world, there is such close diversity in pursuing an internationally oriented education and everyday life. If your children start school in a new country, the “youreurope” website provides information on starting school in another EU-country Euregioprofilschulen The Euregio Meuse-Rhine also features “Euregioprofilschulen” (see the full list), these are primary […] » more

Studying across borders

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Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands have different traditions and approaches to studying. Especially in Germany, the variety of possible options and the necessity to select courses within your chosen subject can provide newcomers with some initial challenges. RWTH Aachen provides an in-depth video in German and a survival guide for international students to help wade through the […] » more

Euregional onboarding

Cultural differences Intercultural learning Onboarding
Living and working abroad is a wonderful experience. Still, you might feel lonely, homesick, or a little frustrated at times. You might learn about expectations you did not even know you had and face challenges you did not even know existed. In addition to the roadmap for arriving and settling in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine, these […] » more

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