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As an EU-citizen, you are eligible for “free movement” and “equal treatment“. Still, finding an internship across borders is more of a challenge, but also more of an opportunity and adventure.   European Voluntary Service From two months upto one year – thousands of opportunities in multiple languages, with full imbursement Support within the Euregio […] » more

Multilingual media

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Find an overview on multilingual and English-speaking media offers in the Euregio. We also included an overview on the most important local media in German, Dutch, and French. Head to our section on multilingual media for children for media suggestions for the little ones. Bi-national news and information Euregional news Bi-national news and information Arte is a […] » more


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With all its (historic) cities and places dating back to even Roman times, youRegion features some spectacular museums. Most spectacularly, it is easy to visit all of them with combitickets and special discounts. For 25 euros, you can get the “Auf ins Museum!” combination ticket, which gives you admission to 26 museums in the Euregio […] » more


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The parts of the Eurgio Meuse-Rhine are united by good food and beverages, and famous for their chocolates, printed ginger breads and exquisite beers, all summarised in the Euregio “GastroGuide“. But also for everyday life, the close proximity of different cuisines enriches a tasteful life. The supermarkets in Belgium and the Netherlands enrich the kitchens […] » more

Working across borders

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Many people like this region for its natural beauty and its relaxed lifestyle in medium-sized cities. “Provincial” in this sense, the Euregio Meuse-Rhine simultaneously features one of the largest diversities in Europe to pursue an international lifestyle and career within 30 minutes. On a comparative map of the main European hubs, you will find the […] » more

Public transport

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There are more than two dozens (!) of cross-border trains and buses within the Euregio Meuse-Rhine. In the cities Aachen, Maastricht, Liège, and Eupen, you find busses, trains, and ticketing machines from two or even three countries. This website is a unique overview on all connections, so best filter for the cities you are interested […] » more

Driving rules

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An EU driver’s licence is valid for travel anywhere within the EU. The only exception is for provisional driving licences which are only valid in the country of issue. Everything you need to know about cars, driving licences, insurance and registration throughout the European Union is listed in the getting a driving licence section on […] » more

Studying across borders

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Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands have different traditions and approaches to studying. Especially in Germany, the variety of possible options and the necessity to select courses within your chosen subject can provide newcomers with some initial challenges. RWTH Aachen provides an in-depth video in German and a survival guide for international students to help wade through the […] » more

Euregio Meuse-Rhine

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Corona ONLINE checklist – Your Quick check for crossing Borders This is the region where you shop for groceries in Aachen (D) when you live in Vaals (NL) or in Kelmis (B). Somewhere you can enjoy a family breakfast at the kitchen table in the Selfkant (D), bring your children to school and go on […] » more


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Giving is the best way of getting – and there is a large diversity to engage in your neighbourhood, with your favourite sport, for other people. In your Euregio, you can find more specific activities across the border – or similar activities, spiced with another country and language. Possibly, you can even consider to take […] » more

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