Starting a business

The trinational Euregiochambers (of Commerce) allow for a first overview across the Euregio Meuse-Rhine. They combine information from the various chambers of commerce at once. Also, find the free euregional match-making platform of, open for subscription.

For general information on starting a business across the Euregio Meuse-Rhine, the website provides a multilingual overview on Business in BE, DE, and NL. In the clickable map below, you find regionalised support and some highlights for an entrepreneurial mind:

your region & your Business:

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Advice across borders

You will deal with regional or national or regional institutions, in most cases. In the Euregio Meuse-Rhine, also these institutions face thousands of cross-border self-employed and businessmen and frequently provide extra information.

For more information on cross-border entrepreneurship, consult sources like

Gross/net, purchasing power parities

If you wonder how to reach even – and still make a living, the public provides some overview on annual averages:

  • Belgium: 50.000€ gross – 7.000€ social security – 12.500€ taxes = 30.500€ net
  • Germany: 52.000€ gross– 10.500€ social security – 10.000€ taxes = 31.500€ net
  • The Netherlands: 53.000€ gross– 7.000€ social security – 8.800€ taxes = 37.200€ net

Consider, that other taxes (e.g. for cars, fuel) but also benefits apply within the three countries.

Consumer prices

Find a visualised overview on consumer prices in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands (“”), selectable per country and product.

Also worth reading:

Entrepreneurship across borders

The countries in the Euregio face economic up- and downturns in a different way. Also, the way companies are started or organised differs greatly. Euregiochambers is the common roof that summarises the situation between Meuse and Rhine.

Corona currently sharply limits some business ideas to gain momentum. For others, such as carpentry, there might be heydays ahead.


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