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If you came so far as dealing with taxes, you have made the Euregio Meuse-Rhine your home. To start with something positive, your payments finance the public goods you are enjoying. To continue with more good news, you might receive some of these payments back. Certainly, you do not have to pay taxes twice if you live and work across borders.

In the Euregio Meuse-Rhine, there are three states with three different tax systems (cf. for a newcomer it can be difficult to keep track, sometimes it is also challenging for the local population. The youRegion services and institutions are at your disposal to help and advise you on initial tax issues. For cross-border advice, contact the DE-NL cross-border advisors from Team GWO and who can advise on the binational double-taxation agreements.

Furthermore, note that also taxation on cars can differ greatly (cf. our section on driving rules).

Taxation within your Region:

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Taxation across youRegion

If you work across the border, you will have to deal with both taxation systems – this takes some extra effort, but you should not pay double. Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands each have the above-mentioned bilateral taxation agreements so that the taxes paid in one country are recognised in the other. The links lead you to information in German or Dutch, however feel free to make an appointment (in another language) if necessary.  

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Different approaches

Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands each approach taxation differently. The overviews and services listed are handy for cross-border commuters in the Euregio and newcomers from afar abroad alike.

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